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Camilla - Fire Emblem Fates by Shu-Silver
Camilla - Fire Emblem Fates
Haven't drawn something since the last one I posted one year ago, life's keeping me busy and I don't see the point to keep drawing.

I did this painting for a french contest hosted by Nintendo France, to have a chance, on three winners, to get the collector edition of Fire Emblem Fates.

As it is Nintendo France the judge, I didn't won anything.
I'm sorry, it's probably not modest, but I don't understand why. On the three winners, only one deserved to win in my opinion (and his drawing wasn't that awesome).
They preferred to let win some stupid manga drawings with no experience on color or weight of the matters (seeing a piece of clothe in the wind acting just like it was something rigid, is pretty stupid.)

It's not only that but I'm sick of Nintendo. All their news games are stupids or boring. Same goes for Square Enix.
Just look at the new Star Fox! What's the point of making the gameplay like that? Everyone hates to play this game. Or take a look at Bravely Second! This game doesn't bring anything to the first episode. Plus you have to do the game TWICE. They didn't understand that it's stupid to do the game over and over with the first episode?! 
Really I'm sick of these companies. They try to keep you dreaming with such game like FFXV, but personally, I don't even wait for it. I know I'm gonna be disappointed.

Anyway, the consequence of that is:
- I think I have lost my time trying to make this drawing.
- I made my boyfriend lose his time because he helped me a lot with the background.
- I don't see the point of drawing anymore.
- I didn't buy the new Fire Emblem because I wanted a collector edition and it's unobtainable. (Thanks to the wonderful marketing of Nintendo. I mean, when you know the customers want to buy something, PRODUCT MORE OF IT!)

I apologize for the all the negative comments above and I hope you'll enjoy my painting anyway.

Time: ~25 hours
Photoshop CS5, Bamboo Wacom
Camilla is © Fire Emblem
Photo was used to reference
You're not allowed to use this artwork without asking.


Current Residence: Paris
Favourite genre of music: Rock - Metal - Punk
Operating System: Windows Seven
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the hedgehog - Sora
  • Listening to: Kagamine Rin - Tengaku
  • Reading: Urusei Yatsura
  • Playing: Persona 4 Golden - Assassin's Creed 3
Warning, the following content may content spoiler.

Hey guys, I finished the new TR few days ago and I still don't get something...
Why is this game so popular? Why it has so good reviews?

I mean, isn't this game a medley between all the blockbusters which are already released?
Let's make a list:
It's Uncharted for all the action sequences but I never been afraid to fall or never felt the adrenaline I got in Uncharted...
It's Farcry for all the island story...
It's Batman Arkham serie for the maps and all the hidden items on them...
It's Infamous for Lara's moves...
It's The Walking Dead for people's stories and their behavior between each others...
It's Metal Gear Solid for all the infiltration's missions... Even if it's cool to have one or two infiltration's missions, why ALL the missions seem to be like that?!
It's even Silent Hill for all the gore things...

And for bad reviews in the game itself:
Why Lara hunts if she cannot eat food...?
Why when you open some chests you don't receive anything but experience? I guess it's because it's food again, but it really makes no sense to me.
Why some burning arrows can't burn things but the lighter does?
Why don't we have a HUD? It's ok to don't make one but at least, don't make endless maps which look like a maze....
Why haven't we some REAL riddles? ... I don't get why we only have some platforms riddles... Once again, in Uncharted, we have a lot of complicated riddles which really look like to archaeologist's riddles...
What is this jump Lara does? ... It seems so weird and inappropriate to jump like if you're in a platform game...
Why the game is like a horror movie? Everyone die except for the end...
And this ending... What is this ending?! It's so kitsch... Has the developing team forgotten to put 2 guns to Lara and have to make it anyway?
And the worst to me, WHY CAN'T WE INVERT THE X AXIS OF THE CAMERA?! I'm so used to play with both axis inverted, it only gets on my nerves to don't be able to watch or aim properly something... -_-

I've forgotten something:
Why Lara always bends when an enemy is around? And why the music is changing for the same reason?! It makes no surprise, it's pretty boring...

So yeah, I tried my best to don't be mad at the game but I can't. There's so many problems, I can't pretend this game is awesome because it's not.
Graphics don't make a good game. (It's even something we can discuss, graphics in this game aren't so amazing sometimes....)

Once again, it's only my opinion, I don't wanna hurt someone feelings about this game, I am the first one whom is so disappointed. I was waiting for more than 2 years and this game doesn't fulfill my expectations...

Thanks for reading.

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